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released May 26, 2015

The Wheel Workers are:

Steven Higginbotham - guitar, vox, keyboards
Allison McPhail - keyboards, vox, theremin
Craig Wilkins - keyboards, guitar, vox
Tyson Sheth - drums, percussion
Dan Workman - flowing robes of rock

Recorded at SugarHill Studios and Studio WheelWorks in Houston, TX by Chris Longwood, Dan Workman, and Steven Higginbotham

Mixed by Dan Workman at SugarHill Studios

Mastered by Dave McNair, at Dave McNair Mastering

Produced by Dan Workman and Steven Higginbotham

Art design by Magnificent Beard, Illustration by Cory Say

All music and lyrics written by Steven Higginbotham unless otherwise noted.

All drum parts co-written by Tyson Sheth

“Smokescreen” music written by: Chad Fontenot, Giuseppe Ponti, Steven Higginbotham, Nathan Maness

Bass guitar on “Whole Other World” written and performed by Giuseppe Ponti

Drums co-written by Nathan Maness on “Whole Other World”

Guitar on “Whole Other World” written and performed by Chad Fontenot.

Additional guitar/keyboard/drum parts contributed by Dan Workman on “Yodel,” “Smokescreen,” and “Run Away”

Additional keyboard and production ideas contributed by Craig Wilkins

Thanks to: Dan Workman, Jason Williams, Sarah Gregory, Tyson Sheth, SugarHill Studios, Robert Ramsey, Matt Brinker, Chad Fontenot, Giuseppe Ponti, Cecelia Johnson, David Nguyen, Nathan Maness, Chris Maness, Chris Longwood, Chris Dodgen, Matt Daumas, Stephanie Daumas, Matt Presley, Vera Wilkins, Marilyn Wilkins, Eric McPhail, Darcy McPhail, Avery McPhail, Renee Jonard, Carl Jonard Jr., Kathy Young, Thomas Young, Owen Young, Gene Young, Bruce Higginbotham, Karl Kennedy, Second Lovers, Jealous Creatures, Glass the Sky, A Sundae Drive, Space Villains*, Invincible Czars, Boy+Kite, I am the Albatross, Purapharm, Josh Applebee, Fitzgerald's, Johnny So, Lauren Oakes, Walter’s, Heights Vinyl, Cactus Music, Jason Smith, Jeremy Hart, Jef Rouner, Mike Rogers, KPFT, Mark Austin, Jillian McKenzie, Nash Wingo, Abby Seible, Amanda Martinez, Jennifer Cannon, Abrahan Garza, Craig Kinsey, Brittney Holland, Sofia Maria Strauss, Casey Claunch, Bob Daugherty, Jeff Spencer, Todd Geries, Rachael Williams, Sweet Spot Audio, Karah Leigh



all rights reserved



The Wheel Workers is an indie rock band from Houston, TX with progressive values.


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Track Name: Yodel
gather round the fire
gotta story to tell ya,
bet you’ll never understand.
there ain’t no torture dripping grins awaiting,
and there ain’t no pretty angel wings.

that’s all a yadala hey, yadala ho

what’s the holy burnin’ cause of fire between us?
fatherlands above all else.
wish some space invaders would soon pay a visit,
we’ll finally become human beings.

we’re all a yadala hey, yadala ho

one man gets a crumb another gobbles the whole pie,
how ya figure it’s that way?
‘cause he tells you what to think and feel,
you’re jumping up and down a-beggin’ please.

he says a yadala hey, yadala ho
Track Name: Burglar
what you wanna be,
what you wanna say,
nevermind the years you spent with me,
sleeping inside my home,
now I’m sleeping with sorrow.

never could have guessed,
never crossed my mind,
you could walk away
over nothing at all.
I feel your heart go cold,
I’m drinking with sorrow.

why do I try?
why do I try?
why don't you try me?

I stink with shame,
I’ll go and I’ll
be somewhere else
but once in a while t
I wonder if you think
ever about me.

nothing I will ever do
will make a fucking difference to you,
so you can say what you want
I’ll drink with my sorrow.

I dream you’re walking in my door,
just like a thousand times before.
I make your favorite meal,
there’s nothing left over.

but what you gave
when you were done.
a selfish temper tantrum song,
I hate your favorite band,
they’re so fucking terrible.
Track Name: Whole Other World
we’ve been spinning
round in circles,
absorbing anything
that our minds can seize upon
to fortify our ignorance
of all the horrors hidden
for your convenience.

we feel something’s wrong,
but cannot find the will to free
ourselves from illusions that we hold,
open a whole other world.

we’ve been bombing
to teach freedom,
exploring new frontiers of hypocrisy,
while reflecting on our goodness
and wondering why the hell
no one understands.

yes we know
just what you need,
and you will take it and smile
for the camera.
and if we happen
to make a profit,
well that’s the awesome beauty
of our system.
Track Name: Smokescreen
up down around on all sides now,
I try to think of everything
but it’s too much for my mind to take.

there’s some truth to almost all opinions,
internal logic sustaining them
rest on a base of assumptions or faith.

competing myths and conflicting worldviews,
rage against themselves and yet
blind to the source that they both share.

smokescreens obscure the same beliefs that
underlie the mistaken mind,
foaming with hate,
screaming there’s only one way.

messages from every direction,
as the light hits my eye,
whispers its wave,
I perceive it in my way.

open up to every possibility,
try to sense the harmony
hear my place deep inside the wave.
Track Name: Wage Slaves
atrophy in solitary confinement,
recline, and feed yourself propaganda,
the sweet false consciousness
co-opted, fight the fight,
as we divide ourselves and waste away.
waste away you lonely wage slave.
so weak, unorganized with no control.

we believe in solidarity
to break the chains.
come down, come on join me
stand my side.
gain strength in union
to resist, push back
and search to find ourselves
a better way.
we can all be more than wage slaves.
please awake,
let’s organize and take control.
Track Name: Run Away
floating round top then falling down.
nothing happens there's not a sound,
yes now that you
found your excuse
for leaving me
and I can't sleep.

down it pours
and storms.

you will not see
from my side,
you’re working to find exit signs.
I cannot be
the way that you see me
and once again
I come down
come down
calm down.
I’m coming.

hoping and staring
in the dark I’m waiting,
when time kills my hope I’ll move on.

you run away.

every turn you take,
just another step away.

forgive me, forget me
forgive me, forget...
Track Name: Dream
she has a secret,
it burns inside her skin.
hurting so bad,
but she smiles and then she wins.

works it out
in her artistic reveries.
now she’s dancing to that goddamn radio.

the silent beast awakes
and demands his due.
measures out the fun
that she’s allowed to use.

but no, don’t say that you’re sorry.
no one, can keep her from falling.

days of these feelings,
her eyes have been saving.
the work that she puts out,
the time she’s allotted,
picks up a brush and she dreams.

what she sees when
she looks beyond her eyes.
when the night’s bad
it will never dim her shine.

so she’s going out to see the ocean waves.
cannot hide,
from the beast
but she’s living life tonight.

sometimes finds herself
rewinding back when...
wanting to remain,
going numb.
every time her heart breaks
she’s saved by the love received
and she picks up herself and she dreams
Track Name: Citizen Incorporated
I am a person incorporated,
yes I rule the world.
I built it all so keep your hands off,
it’s my oyster and my pearls.

I am the heartbeat of America,
can’t leave home without me.
double your pleasure double your fun,
I’m everywhere you want to be.

I fight your wars and I start them too,
got religion as a hobby,
when you die they’ll be pie in the sky,
sell you a plastic toy to pray.

what I tell you is fair and balanced,
it fits inside my frame.
can’t you see that it’s better for me
to do the thinking, so go play.

so you’re feeling
alone now
like you got no one who can relate.
just turn on your TV,
or go shopping, that’s liberty!

yes buy buy now,
buy buy now,
bye now.

so bye bye now,
bye bye now
buy now!

you believe we should slow down
think about the world that we make?
pat your head, here’s a medal,
ain’t nobody here gonna wait.

so bye bye now,
bye bye now,
buy now!

I own your seed and I sue your farmers,
I’m finger lickin’ good.
democracy is my employee,
I’ve got a quarterly report to fake.

I’m a citizen of the world,
mailbox in a tax haven.
I’m buying off those who write the laws,
yes you gotta pay to play.