Past to Present


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    Second album released by Houston band The Wheel Workers, called "one of the best albums released in Houston" by the Houston Chronicle. Limited edition 150 gram double LP on colored vinyl of The Wheel Workers "Past to Present." Side A/B - Blue Vinyl, Side C/D - Red Vinyl. Gorgeous. Features two bonus tracks, "Listen" and "At One Time I Was A Person," and remixes of "Want" and "Drone." Includes Digital Download.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Past to Present via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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released March 14, 2014





The Wheel Workers is an indie rock band from Houston, TX with progressive values.

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Track Name: Power
all our power, doesn’t mean anything at all. all our power, ends in horror, but we don’t learn anything at all.

holy markets, black next quarter, the vampire squid needs to feed. such disaster, children screaming, the profits they have decreed.

so we burn it all away, or we leave you irradiated.
suck it dry and lay to waste, a landscape of desolation.
Track Name: Past to Present
releasing hold, of the victim’s mind, taking back control from hope or chance. the past a desolate dream, a self created, struggle just above the surface.

getting so old, you feel the length, but not its worth.
as these waves of doubt surround, will you keep them away?

you never stopped to question, that safest slide, from past to present the failures feared their way in. so often overwhelmed now, but learned to see, some things for what they are and should be.
Track Name: Chemicals
wide open skies, poisoned, a paradise of progress, profit’s gain. white parking lots, asphalt, traffic, exhaust, taste the acid rain. I hope you know, who’ll reap what we sow, our children’s children’s kids. we wanna to breathe in clean air, we wanna swim in oceans blue and clear. too busy turning blood to gold.

chemicals, chemicals, fall softly in the rain, and I cannot find words to ease the pain.
chemicals, chemicals, in each and every thing, take your chemicals now and ease the pain.

drill baby drill, nevermind BP’s spill, sealife looks slick in black. trash islands float, fish kills soar, ice caps go, stocks rise, break out champagne! we’ve just got one, ride around the sun,
it’s not your own trash can. we’ve got to seize the moment, turn it around, take back the future now. too busy turning blood to gold.
Track Name: Starve the Beast
wake up, wake up, are you thinking? wonder if you’ll recognize the plan, they call starve the beast, a manufactured crisis for their need. get you scared so you cannot think straight, blame everybody but those with power, those responsible, divide and conquer the people.

wonder how much longer we will tolerate, the few to hoard it all, while we all tremble in shame I wanna know.

find money for the jails and wars, find money for wall street overlords, so sorry we cannot
afford health care or your education. socialism for all the rich men. bailouts, tax havens, corporate welfare. maybe what’s good for them, might be good for us?

I wonder how much longer will we tolerate, the few to hoard it all, while thousands starve everyday. I wanna know.

"there comes a time when, the operation of the machine, becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part, can’t even passively take part; you’ve got to put your
bodies upon the gears, upon the wheels and all the apparatus. and you’ve got to make it stop,
make it stop." (paraphrased by Mario Savio speech, 1964)

let’s get together and occupy the world over
Track Name: Listen
listen to the vibration’s wave
open, immerse yourself and bathe
in the rhythm, and in the pattern’s breath

beating, warm equations
spinning in joyful rotation
tune in, clearer and clearer
what do you hear?

at times it seems far from me
in a disconnect from meaning
a deafness drowned in the world
not listening

wanting another way to be
knowing only the mind can see
tune in clearer, clearer
Track Name: Drone
see something, from the corner of my eye, and I don’t know what’s real, what I feel now or before, circumstances changing, sometimes I can’t tell what’s coming down the road towards me, will it be a friend or foe?

I don’t know when or why or how, but when I’m with you I feel like it’s okay, it’s ok. everything fades and dies and decays, all that we’ve got won’t last forever. I know that we won’t be forever, why don’t we make the best of it today? so let’s surround ourselves with music,
cook vegan food together, I’d say we’ve got a chemistry, you and me

see something, from the corner of my mind, another destination, gotta hit the road right now or never, time’s ticking, driving down the streets like dingledodies, esctasy, mad, delirious we burn.
Track Name: Older Now
yes I am older now, I’ve found that time is running out. got all these things to do, but so soon, it ends, it all is through. I’d like to divide myself, send aspects off to collect a wealth of different lives then by and by return to share it.

I would climb the highest mountain, I would learn an Eastern language, I would know all the names of all the stars up in the sky,I would surf the ocean and follow every road.

yes I am older now, I’ve found that time is running out. everyone’s forced to choose, on what to spend the time they use. if I could divide myself , I’d try to figure it all out. but since I cannot I choose right now to spend some with you.

I would fight for every cause, and I would write a science fiction novel, I would checkmate a grandmaster of both chess and go, I would make a movie, and yes, I would find love.
Track Name: Fine Time
battleground screaming out for mothers. do your beliefs condone killing your brother?
certainty’s a deadly thing, cut your throat. another bomb goes off, yeah, here we go.

off to fight a rich man’s war, watch the poor die in the streets. well, have you heard? the market’s surged, hark the herald profits sing!

it was a fine time, such a fine time.

some way we will slay each other, be all you can be killing for your masters.
zombies feeding, preying on all the young. know your place, sit down and follow orders.
Track Name: Compromise
and so we go, to the same show we've all seen before. the rich get rich, and the rest better give thanks for what they get. trickling down, all the shit sliding downhill for you to lick, kneel in line, lap it up with a smile.

compromise, and see the light now. compromise, and see the light someday. compromise, be reasonable now. compromise, you could be me someday.

the pressure’s high, when your wages ain’t keeping up with the bills. how many people going hungry, cold, alone tonight? who’s to blame? immigrants, single moms, how about the gays? nevermind, who’s got the power to decide
Track Name: Animals
spend a life facing front, can’t turn around. antibiotics, feces, fluorescent night.

I’m so tasty in your mouth, succulent meat in your mouth.

children stolen, imprisoned, sweet flesh so young.
panicked screaming injections, raped by robots.

I’m so tasty in your mouth, succulent meat in your mouth.

bolt gunned, hung upside down, throat slit, drained dry.
debeaked, battery caged, boiled alive.

I’m so tasty in your mouth, succulent meat in your mouth.
Track Name: Rainbows
every little day, every little way, we are coming out. but looking in your eyes, I can see your mind, closing with judgment on me. how can they know, how our love should go? it don’t discriminate. we aren’t backing down, no more losing ground, we’ll stand like like a Stonewall, baby.

in the night I felt you, every night you wandered in my heart. in the day I’m dreaming, of a day we’ll be just what we are.

light is shining down, life is spinning ‘round, painting in rainbows. we can find a way, we can find a place, color it all up with me. do you realize, do you recognize, what makes you happy? well, baby once you know, how far would you go, to fight for your right to keep it?

in the night I felt you, every night you wandered in my heart. in the day I’m dreaming, of a day we’ll be just what we are.

I let my heart awake, it’s free to roam. love is what it is, can’t choose what you love. keep your laws off me, let me be, fuck your schemes, your hatred makes you so ugly, yeah, don’t you know?
Track Name: Somebody Else
I light up all the sky, I don’t know how I’m gonna burn when the sun’s setting. the last breath leaves from me, likely be nothing more, my body for worms to feed. but who knows maybe not? perhaps we get recycled like other energy. wonder who I’ll be when I am somebody else?

watch so many die, for an insane collection of ancient fantasies. I will not believe, nor will I demand mindless zombie obedience. no one knows for sure, anyone who says different
is a fool or a thief. so easy to judge, when it is somebody else.

I am quite confused, and you are too, even if you don’t believe it. but I’m pretty sure, certainty on uncertainties can be dangerous. so please why don’t you, go bother somebody else?
Track Name: Want
I am always doing time, scraping walls with verse and rhyme, every care that I would share, confined. what you hope when you are young, like a bursting rainbow sun. I can be, I wanna see, someone.

I want

everything that you will know, when horizon’s final glow, lights the pain as I rewind, on better times. I will never see your face, or the child that we would make. wedding night, or hearth and home, anymore.

I want

I wanna bathe in waterfalls, wanna burn down every wall, wanna take back some control of my world. I wanna rise and smell the sea, feel the warm sand on my feet. I wanna fly out of this hole, yes, I want.